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This just in from Bob Gillespie:
2011 Green Grand Prix regulations, schedule, and tentative categories for competition

We have*two SCCA fuel economy/ TSD rallies for you to choose from - a 50 mile event and a 100 mile event. They will both take place on the morning of Fri. April 15th.
Both rallies will be conducted on the WGI 2.45 mile short course.
You choose which length event you’d like to enter. We will most likely put pure EVs in the 50 miler. Awards will be presented*for at least 10 categories of vehicles. We may add new categories as more vehicles enter. Please see the rally details below along with our categories of competition. Our rallies are named in honor of Doris Bovee, who was an SCCA member and environmentalist.

All rally vehicles must be registered for the road and pass a basic SCCA inspection. This event is a sanctioned SCCA rally hosted by the Glen Region chapter.
If your vehicle has two seats you must have a navigator. All crews on board must be licensed drivers at least 18 yrs. of age and navigator at least 16.
Both rallies will be Time-Speed-Distance events. You will travel between 49mph and 55 mph for a certain number of laps. Both rallies will include a mandatory stop in the pits for a short specified time. We will be recording your actual finish time in comparison with our calculated finish time for you.
The Glen circuit provides a safe, challenging venue with significant elevation changes.
Passing is permitted, but no drafting or blocking maneuvers allowed!

Determination of fuel economy results:

Hybrid vehicles will use onboard computer readings to determine mpgs.
Other vehicles will be weighed immediately before and after the rally to determine fuel use.
We post rally winners in all categories, the distance they traveled, and their mpgs on our website Welcome To The Official Green Grand Prix Web Site
All vehicles are invited stay and be on display in the Tech garage during WGI’s Opening Weekend (April 16 and 17) at no charge if owners so choose. This is traditionally very well attended. You are invited to set up a table or display if you’d like!

For either rally, the entry fee is $75 for a private entry, $150 for a business entry.*
Your entry fee includes $15 SCCA weekend membership.SCCA members may deduct $15.

We have two video contests : One for in-car videos taken during the Fuel Economy Rallies and another for schools videotaping our entire day’s activities. The winning videos and others to be posted online. There is no entry fee for either video contest.

2011 Green Grand Prix Doris Bovee Memorial SCCA Fuel Economy/TSD Rallies (For the full schedule of the day, please see schedule tab at Welcome To The Official Green Grand Prix Web Site )

7:15 A.M. Registration begins for rallies in WGI Tech Garage. ( including pre-registered vehicles)
7:30 A.M. Tech inspection begins in WGI Tech Garage area
8:00 A.M. Drivers meeting for both Rally 1 and Rally 2
8:30 A.M. Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally 1 approx 100 miles
10:45 A.M. Doris Bovee Memorial Road Rally 2 approx. 50 miles
Afternoon- We will have an officially sanctioned NYElectrathon*one-hour race for high school EV cars. This will be run on a loop encircling the WGI pit wall. All entrants in the morning rallies are invited to watch or assist. We can use your help!

Bob Gillespie Welcome To The Official Green Grand Prix Web Site 315-694-2812

Categories of Competition
2011 Green Grand Prix

Categories based on EPA combined highway/city ratings

We will have special Modified categories as needed

1.* *Vehicles rated at 26 mpg and under
2.** “ “ “ 27-32 mpg.
3.** 33- 38 mpg
4.** 39-44* mpg.
5.***45 -50 mpg
6.** 2* wheeled vehicles
7*** 3 wheeled vehicles
8.*** Trucks
9.*** Vans
10. Diesel ( 4 wheeled )
11.** Other** (includes vehicles that are now out of production such as Geo Metro and original Honda insight)
12. Biodiesel
13. EV
14. LP
15. CNG
About the "Other" Category... I don't like this. I don't believe anything about production should qualify a vehicle for the "Other" category. With the criteria and the given example of the Gen 1 Insight and the Geo metro, most of the vehicles registering will be all thrown into the other category maybe even an Other-M (modified) category if Bob wants to add M to each category one of us wins :P. I don't mind the modified thing so much, but if Gen 1 Insights are no longer in production, nor are geo metros, then neither are Gen 1 and 2 Prius, any Saturns, Celicas, Paseos, Echos? (is a Yaris an Echo? Is an Echo a Tercel?). This leaves the regular gasoline 45+ EPA category pretty scarce. The Insight name is still in production...

I think this other category should be reserved for cars made from scratch because there's too much slippery argument to be made about what a "production" or "in production" vehicle is.
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