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He he. If you can find clips then google "The Secret History of the Motorway" for how we in the UK never finished these things.

There are loads of "bridges to nowhere" here. A Jnr always has a laugh at the motorway junction in Glasgow next to the M8 which just ends in mid-air - well, ok the entry to it is blocked off

Apprently they have won money to complete it and make it into a cycling bridge - good for them. There are similar ones in Manchester too. I worked for about 3 months in Manchester Uni more or less level with where the road would have ended up coming through the building. Just found it

The Glasgow one is about to be completed though because traffic coming from Scotland's airports have to cross the Clyde and go through the centre of Glasgow to get to the motorway South (to England). So now they are making a new connection south of the "Bridge to Nowhere" which cuts that part out.
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