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In NY City we don't have any unfinished roads. However we do have a few major highways that end in unexpected areas because their original plan to link up with other major highways was defeated and aborted back in the '70's when local neighborhoods opposed eminent domain, 'tooth and nail' (local politics).

However, we do have shopping malls with idiotic circular routes that unavoidably increase distance and travel greatly. One mall in particular requires traversing at least a quarter to half a mile, just to enter or exit the mall at all. Even worse, there is an office building exclusively located in the mall space (with no access other than being in the mall road loop) whose parking lot can only be accessed by entering the mall from one end, then driving the half mile to get to it, as the roads in the mall are exclusively all one-way traffic patterns. If you enter from the other end of the mall you need to drive in an oval route that doubles the distance required. It's the equivalent of a flight holding pattern at a major airport where much time and effort is spent in circling the destination.
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