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Lightbulb 200 MPG Carburetor Talk

200 MPG carburetors! Ha, I love this one. Particularly since they were invariably tested on some sorta 72 Buick 225 sporting a 455Cid engine. Can you imagine the inefficiencies alone in drivetrain and aerodynamics that this magic carburetor would have to make up for?

Isn't there a particular Fuel/Air ratio that must be maintained in order for combustion to take place? This never seems to be questioned.

Then there is the specific energy of the Gasoline itself that must be considered, I mean is there really enough chemical power in that gallon to transport a big ol thing 200 Miles? Of course if we converted the matter to energy, it could take that car to Jupiter and back.

And then, knowing what we do today, the ability to get 70-80Mpg out of even a finely tuned machine with many parts engineered for efficiency alone, it is very difficult to achieve. Yet somehow, this one carburetor alone in a normal car makes all the difference.

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