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the fish

thank you

when any one mentions big mileage carbs i think of the Famous FISH .. i have heard of it all my life ...50 years more....

and did a little search and posted a few links,,

i do that

too true the last carb is not the fish but an SU [skinners union]

its what I run ..
on my machine
brand new

just a diagrammatic they up to date and in use
SU Carburetter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Technical Documents | SU - The SU Carburetter Company

i run a late edition SU HIF 44 .. some nice features in that carb , a bi-metallic senses fuel temp and adjusts,, .. some think the elegant analog hydrodynamics work as good [maybe ] as so so sophisticated computer driven fuel systems ... all analog . just works on the dynamic of the world not artificial reality of computer
metering fuel based on the reality of density altitude determined by hydrodynamics
a Plus Up to me is when the Big EMP [electro magnetic pulse ] comes along and scrambles all those new systems it still works..
run old points ignition too..
just a minor madness of mine i had a vision of the Shock Wave EMP washing down ..

it came in a dream .. it could happen tomorrow ..EMP fry all the computer stuff .. wave of energy inbound from a far star.. ..

im sorry but it is a constant reoccurring nightmare i have of this strong electro-magnetic wave .. arriving.....

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