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Been neutral coasting using both EOC, engine on and off. Will inflate tires up to 40 psi soon, should have already. Last tank was one of the best I've had. Getting better, but need some more practice. Car doesn't pull or seem to have any alignment issues after ball joint and tie rod end replacement. Was on the fence about if it was better to use 3rd gear or 4th at 40-45 mph. Thought perhaps the engine was under to much load in 4th making the vacuum lower. Brakes don't seem to be dragging as it's easy to push by hand out of gear in neutral. Last tank was 34 mpg, don't see any reason why I can't get it up to 40 mpg with practice. Hopefully I won't be driving it much soon as the weather is warming up and the motorcycle will take it's place as my daily driver.

Originally Posted by Old Mechanic View Post
Neutral coast downhill with the engine idling, if the grades will allow you to do so.

Highest gear possible for best mileage.

Try inflating the tires to sidewall max.

Coast in neutral with engine running (idle) as much as possible to forced stops.

Vacuum reading in highest gear at 11-12 inches sounds a little low to me but it changes drastically depending on the grades involved.

Make sure the alignemnt is good and no brakes are dragging. Does the car push easy on flat ground?

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