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Originally Posted by isaac_alaska View Post
hi, i'm new to the forum but i'm looking to build a healthy motor controller with more than enough power to do whatever needs to be done. I'm running a warp7 dc series motor on an electric snowmobile conversion, and need a new motor controller. ideally i'd like to run as much as 400 volts to the motor controller, and then limit that to a max of 170 volts out to the motor. i haven't yet read all of the pages here but i'm sure someone has talked about this already, if one of you could kindly point me in the right direction. i guess what i'm asking is what all would i have to change in order to operate the controller with a 400V max instead of 144. to me it seems like this would mostly be a change in the power board of the controller, by switching to components that can handle a higher voltage.


Running 400V and reducing to 170 would be pointless unless you are using batteries that sag by 60%. You would most likely not need to go over 250V to always get 170 at the motor and nothing lower.

As for going higher then 250V, you will need to redo the power board at the minimum to increase the isolation gaps or else you will have problems with the high voltage humping the gaps.

If you want high voltage, you will be better off going with IGBT modules.

Are you riding the sled long range or doing something like grass drags?

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