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i realize that the power board would have to be re-designed and the layout would have to change to incorporate the higher voltages. would any changes have to be made to the control board to handle the higher voltage on the power board?

the reason to go with a higher voltage battery pack would be to reduce current for the same amount of power. right now we are running 200 volt strings, and have 9 of them in parallel. i'd rather go with 400V strings, and only run 4 in parallel. this would reduce the parasitic losses in the battery pack and i would think it would reduce losses in the controller by keeping the current smaller, but maybe i'm wrong.

re-designing the power board wouldn't be a huge issue for me as i have access to a circuit board prototyping mill and a full machine shop for milling bus bars and things like that. not that it would be an overnight project, but i think it would be possible. Aside from re-designing the power board, what other drawbacks can you forsee from going with a higher voltage design?

i guess it's also worth mentioning that since it's a snowmachine, it has a heat exchanger built into it, i was considering adding a small 12v pump and making the controller liquid cooled. also, physical size isn't really an issue, as i have about 2 cubic feet to fit it into. it's hard to imagine needing any more room than that. (1 ft, by 1 ft, by 2 ft)
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