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The following is disjunct, but I don't really have a lot of time, but I feel like I owe the replies a post.

You know I was supposed to be working on my thesis (undergrad),which has nothing to do with any kind of engineering or designing, so I had taken a B vitamin complex and some ginkgo biliba. I crapped the starting post out pretty quickly, my apologies.

Tjts1 , it seems like you are not convinced, especially from reading the other posts.

I feel like I opened up a can of worms. I did not realize how many factors go into this equation.

After reading a few threads from a WAI search, I feel like the answer is that there are many factors that affect this situation.
This article surprised me:

So reduced pumping losses, can someone point me to an explanation of that?
If not I'll keep looking myself.

I will ask my friend, he is the ASE “Master Technician” at the local Firestone. I love this guy, he can smell my car before it hits the parking lot and know how to fix whatever I just broke. Plus he is very nice about answering my 5 technical questions every time I see him.
I am not saying that he is the Dr. Jesus of autoshop, just that he is a pretty good source of info.

How about the other point in my post, improving inefficiency through less intake restriction? Has that a goal of eco-modders new intake systems?

RPMs & Speed & gearing. So even at a cruising load, the power the engine makes does not matter? Maybe as long as it is enough? Thanks for your comments!
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