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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
Are you reducing the current as well? Or do you still want 500A and 96V?

If you still want the 500A, you will need the correct caps. They are designed to filter the current ripple which will not differ with voltage.

The current will also be much less than 500A. The current will be what the current will be .... that is, I have no idea exactly how much current this motor will consume at 96V max, but it is a tiny-ish motor compared to what most folks are using. It's 7.5" in diameter and weighs maybe 75 lbs. (est.) - I lifted it in place by hand. It's designed to run at 48V, I've been told, so I advanced the brushes 10 degrees.

Current being a function of voltage and resistance, and since I'm running a small motor (higher resistance to the flow of current) and low-ish voltage, then I'm making an assumption that the current will be somewhere in the 300A maximum range. I've not been able to find any data on the motor - I do know it's from a 1977 Yale lift truck. I got the SCR controller with it (the one the lift truck used for proportional control) - I'd love to get that up and running and use it in the car - in the words of one of my blog readers, it's very "steampunk". This Open Revolt controller is going to be way better, though.
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