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hi paul, great project you've got going here. i totally know where you're coming from with the fishing hours....i've got quite a few friends who've done it and it's always the same story. 48 hours on...maybe enough time off to grab a donut and cup of coffee from below deck. then come back up for another 24 hour shift..haha.

but yeah, excellent project. it looks way more promising for our project than buying a zilla, and from i can see, it looks like the one you're developing does everything a zilla will do. i'm pretty sure that 1000 amps is overkill for the motor we're running now (it's a netgain warP 7, rated for i think 495 amps peak for like 5 seconds) but i figure that i would rather err on the safe side and go bigger. that way i could program the controller to run around 500 amps and know i was in the safe zone. the logisystems controller we were using had a catastrophic failure and shot a nice flame out the side. later turned out that our pre-charge circuit wasn't doing what it was supposed to do.

a 400 volt pack is probably overkill as well, but i figured that losses would be lower by going with a higher pack voltage. also, contactors wouldn't have to be quite as beefy, since they would see a smaller current.

this is something i'd like to have up and running by about july of next year, so we can run tests on it and see what it can do. the competition (sae clean snowmobile challenge) isn't for another year from now, but i've learned it's a very good thing to plan ahead
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