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can you pm me the current schematic of the control board and power board? i didn't realize that igbt's required a negative voltage to turn them off, but i'm envisioning a small circuit so that the nominally zero voltage from the control board will go through a transistor and be re-biased to whatever negative voltage is required to turn the igbt's off. i guess one of the first steps would be to decide what igbt's to use, and pore over the data sheets for them to see what kind of control signal they need.

happy to hear that you think higher voltage is better as well, kind of felt like i was climbing out on a limb there for a bit


from the data sheet i'm looking at right now, it looks like the igbt needs anything over six volts to turn it on....maybe this is just a special one though? it's hard to find the igbt's i have in mind on digikey though...they have so much stock you pretty much have to know exactly what you need. The data sheet i'm looking at though shows it drawn as essentially a mosfet. quite small though..i'd way rather go with something large and beefy, if only for heat dissipation purposes

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