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Hey Paul,
Sheesh...wen u put me on2 this forum/thread who would guess that id b takin up half my life slowly trawlin thru it...but very very impressed with watchin ur well deserved,hard earned labours blossom in2 what it has become!&u said i dont giv up!!Think u&all the other people who hav contributed 2get this where its at deserve a MASSIVE medal!Anyhow-i asked u once if 2motors could run off this controller(the144v500A)&u told me yes!&seein as u&everyone else on here developed the Contrlr ill take that 1500% as a given.Yet when i posted a question on another forum B4 getting put onto this by u i was told definately NOT!..whilst gettin thrown aload of super"2 hi brow im smarter than u" kind of talk!I dnt get angry oft but this guy did it!GRrr!As i(think)i told u im buildin the EV body from scratch,weldin the chassis,the complete suspension-F&R,fabricatin all the parts needed 4 the runnin gear(excludin the axle),the bodywork wiv fibreglass!&u know,i just thought put a welder in this guys hand&watch him blow himself up!TW*T!Gimme' bricks n mortar&ill build u a wall,giv me wood&ill build u a door/window wiv nice dovetails,giv a welder&metal&ill build u a chassis...giv anythin electronic(engin-ear-y)&I WILL lick or chew it,then try 2ask what flavour it is!This is 2long now so sorry(i ramble alot-u wnt get used 2it)!CAN 2 motors run off this controller is my question?
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