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With the O/D transmission in your Escort 40 MPG is achievable, but you'll probably have to work at it. My dad had a '94 Escort LX sedan with the O/D transmission and I think he was able to break the 40 MPG barrier a few times in it. I noticed your 90 day average is below 30 MPG, 35 should be pretty easily obtained with this car by simply adjusting your driving habits if it's tuned properly. I've got 4 Escorts with the worst one on gas being an '88 GL with a 1.9L 3 speed automatic and I can usually get somewhere between 30-33 MPG in mixed city/highway driving as long as I keep the speed at 55 or below on the highway. Your O/D should be worth a few extra MPG since you are probably lowering your engine speed by 600-800 RPM in overdrive. I'm not sure about yours, but I've found 50-55 MPH seems to get me about the best mileage in the automatic since it doesn't have to down shift to climb fair sized hills.

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