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One thing about non-tactile buttons...

In a car, they get old FAST. Touch screens and the like were cool when they first came out, but they're devoid of any tactile feedback. When I'm driving my car, I want to know that my input was received without having to look at whatever device I'm using. The car itself demands enough of my attention.

Another thing is that I may want to have my finger on the button without actually activating it. For example, on a CD player, if I am scanning through tracks, I want my finger to remain in the same place, but I want to hear a song for a few seconds before I skip it. With touch button, I have to withdraw my finger, then who knows where it's going to float off to with the motion in the car, vibration, etc. Plus holding your arm up in space isn't exactly comfortable. For my scangauge, I might want to reset my trip MPG as I pass a sign post. This requires that I know where my finger is and that I can activate the button at a precise moment, without having to look at it.

GPS devices have a good reason to use touch input. Stereos and MPG gauges do not.

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