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Looking to start an EV Project, Needing advice

Good day all.

I am looking at starting an EV project soon, but being a total newbe to the EV way of life I am going to need a fair bit of advice as I go along.

I am based in the UK, So I am trying to source all needed parts from within the UK where I can.

The donner car that I am wishing to use is a Peugeot 205 GTi, aprox stock weight 875-900Kg's.

The idea is to keep the standard running gear, and gearbox & cluch.

I am not looking for high speed or long range, as I only live on a 25x20mile island in the UK, most roads around me have a speed limit of 30 to 40MPH.

As I yet I have not brought any parts for this project as I need to work out what I need to get.

I guess the main things I need to look at are the main drive motor and controller.

With regarding to the drive motor I have been looking at getting the motor for a disused milkfoat that is local to me I have found out that the motor rated at 9KW @ 48volt, running speed of 1600RPM.

I have been looking into what gearbox to use, the standard 205 1.9 Petrol 5speed Gearbox would give a max speed of 34MPH, but if I was to fit the 205 1.8 Diesel Gearbox, that would give me a max speed of 42MPH.

So back to the drive motor again, so if it's 9KW @ 48volt thats 187.5amps right?

Is this the max current this motor will draw, and what rating fuses should I buy for use with this motor?

I am sure I will have more and more questions, as I get ready to start this project.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards.

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