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Your kWh figure was for the total 50km? That works out to just over two cents per kilometre, with the numbers I could find online for my area. (Couldn't find a power bill in the house. heh)

That's about the same as other conversions I've found the figures for. Averages out to about 2-3c per kilometre. Compared to my 1999 subaru outback, that costs me 12c per kilometre!

So I figure that 25000km (which I'm told is around the usual yearly distance for most people) would cost $625 (australian) for an EV, and $3,223 for the standard petrol car!

I just need a garage and a donor car so I can start my own conversion. :P
Making do with a Honda Civic. Tesla Model 3 reserved. Still kinda want an SVX for fun, though.

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