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multiple motor madness

That looks good.decent welds and nice fabrication. thanks for starting this thread..maybe finally ill get some sensible advice and answers(still think u shoulda called it multiple motor madness...(-:..LOL.) Iv also heard about the white zombie car mod and man does that thing shift...on a quarter mile strip it was caning porches,ferraris and anything else that looked its way!!best of all it is electric.The owner originally had lead acid batts in there but has since forked out on new lithium ion packs so now its even lighter and as we all know less weight=more speed!but me thinks the design is geared towards the quart mile runs,not a balanced medium of torque and speed with a good mileage.However I'm looking forward to getting into this thread now,and will start putting down different designs for twinning up the 2 motors-im inclined towards having them side by side if I go for a single seat design,with the 2 motors behind the driver above the rear axle,and the gearbox UNDERNEATH!!!!!!!!using CV joints somewhere in I sound loopy yet??this project of mine will get done.but seeing as its gone 8am here and your reading what an extremely tired man is writing I wouldn't worry!!haha!its tomorrow when I'm not sleep deprived and I still sound bonkers that you should worry......once again thankyou 4 starting this thread.I can and will start making some input when I return from ZZZZZZ land.
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