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SVOboy -

Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
I don't drive anywhere so I sent them for andrew to test, dunno how that's gone.

Carlos, wanna chime in with your experience?
They didn't work for me. Here is what happened :

1 - I drove to my mechanic and he installed the pulse-plugs. I originally had Denso Iridium plugs. Kept the Densos in the car just in case.

2 - With the engine already warmed up, I drove to work, 25 miles, and everything was perfect.

3 - When I got out of work, I started the engine, which was now cold.

4 - At this point, the engine started misfiring. Even after the engine was warm, I couldn't get it to stop misfiring.

5 - I went to a different mechanic, and they re-installed my old Denso Iridium plugs. The misfiring problem went away. This mechanic suggested that the Pulse plugs were not gapped properly.

I then sent an e-mail to the pulse-plug dude and he agreed that the pulse plugs were not all the same gap, but he also said he didn't think the gap was "big enough" to make a difference.

The pulse-plug dude sent me a *second* set of pulse plugs that were gapped to my Saturn specs. At first I thought they were working because I drove maybe 50+ miles over a few days. But, eventually, I got the same result and swapped the Denso Iridiums back into my car a second time.

After working with the pulse-plug dude, we figured that the pulse-plugs had never been officially tested on an S-Series Saturn engine. They had been tested on an "Ecotec" engine in a Saturn, so that was probably a Saturn Ion. On the Ecotec engine, the pulse-plug needed a special gap for it to work. The pulse plug dude suggested that I try other gaps, but I didn't want to do any more tests with my car. If he contacts me again saying "I tested on an S-Series with this gap", then I'll do the test again.

I can't recommend the pulse plugs, but I am also torn. The dude did give me two sets for free, so it wasn't like I "purchased" the right to say good or bad. Also, I think my problems were "not the test". If we knew the proper gap ahead of time, then I could have "done the test".

Instead of pulse-plugs, I would recommend researching "Nology Hotwires Performance Ignition Cables", because they are basically a different (but more expensive, ) version of the same thing. Here is an example of what I am talking about for an SOHC Saturn engine :

Nology Hotwires Spark Plug Wires, S series, SOHC - $159
Improving the Saturn's breathing ability through intakes, exhausts, and headers also increases the pressure within the combustion chamber. This increase in pressure may require a more powerful spark to ensure smooth and complete ignition of the mixture. You can provide the needed spark with high performance Hotwires from Nology Engineering. Nology Hotwires create the most powerful spark possible. Hotwires work like an amplifier by accumulating energy from the ignition coil within a capacitor housed inside each Hotwire. Once the voltage at the spark plug electrode reaches the ionization point, all stored energy is discharged at once. The resulting spark is up to 300 times more powerful. Combustion becomes faster and more complete, resulting in more horsepower and cleaner emissions. Now CARB approved #D-414. 12.0mm thick. (Tech tip: For best results, use the Hotwires with a non-resistor type plug such as our BOS0657.)
The above "special spark plugs" are cheap.

I never got the impression that the pulse-plug dude was trying to scam me. Seemed like the honest sort, you know what I mean?


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