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Today's gripe: people who only look in one direction before crossing the road, because it is NEVER the direction from with you are coming. Had some foreigner walk out from between some parked cars right into my path (on my fixie, keeping left) causing me to have to weave out in front of the car behind me to avoid a speed cushion. Welcome to England, please do your best to kill cyclists and be killed by them.

That being said, a lot of cyclists over here are pretty terrible, especially at pedestrian crossings. Even to the point where I have to wave pedestrians across at a zebra crossing because they don't expect me to stop. A couple of days ago, one particular cyclist [read: idiot who just happened to be riding a mountain bike] came out of a turning on my left, looked left and started across the road. Had no idea that I was there. I have a bell but I'd rather concentrate on braking so as not to hit these imbeciles. I might just resort to shouting in future.
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