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Sounds like some interesting ideas!
I did want a car without a gearbox or clutch, just direct drive and enough torque to go from 0 to whatever in a reasonable time - and that is what I have.
The longitudinal arrangement was dictated by the available space, but side by side would be good. I think "Killacycle", the drag bike, uses two L91 motors in a side by side configuration and it does the standing 1/4 in about 7 or 8 secs!
Initially, I had the motors in parallel with a LogiSystems 1000A controller, but that one went the way of all LogiSystems controllers and emitted clouds of magic smoke. While it was still running, I had good starting torque (it would actually break the wheels loose if you floored it!) and the car reached 130 kph. Since it blew up, I built the Cougar controller which has performed well, if a trifle docile, but to get adequate starting torque I rewired the motors n series and that dropped the top speed to 110 kph. I have repaired the LogiSystems lump, but I'm not using it because its initial take-off is too abrupt, no matter what you do. I am thinking of building another Cougar control board and driving the LS power stage with it to give 1000A capability again, but with smooth control - and proper current limiting! But I am also looking at Paul's new 1000A design and have put my name down for some boards when they are available, so I will make one of those too.
By the way, how do you embed photos in this? So far I can only add "thumbnails" at the end of the text!
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