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OK, so here are the notes I've scratched out so far... I was originally planning on doing some doodling with this, but as I scratched on, I realized I'd have to generate some 16x2 LCD mockups on the PC to do it properly, so I just kept on scribbling notes. Now I have to retype them.

MPGuino Rebuild
MPGuino Does Well...
  • VERY accurate - freaky accurate
  • Flexible [via] parameters
  • Lots of information
  • Hackable
  • Pretty easy to install

MPGuino does not do well
  • Screen switching delay
  • Unintuitive controls
  • Config is frustrating
  • Lots of "aargh!!" moments
  • Wasted screen space with 0's
  • Confusing indicators
  • Lack of save/restore
  • Hard to say "MPGuino"!!

Ways to improve MPGuino
  • Drop the excess "0"'s on the display - blank space is more easy on the eyes than excess 0's
  • Implement instant screen changes with cursor-based selections - < and > change immediately
  • Menu-based configuration selections with categories and "cancel". Integrate with existing screens so (car) updates aren't missed or hung.
  • Integrate new "improved large font" characters
  • "Timeout" mode screen saver - Duck! (Or) clock?
  • Save tank stats [to EEPROM] on timeout, restore on boot
  • GPH / M/S^2 calculation to extract acceleration from MPH
  • Full/better value labeling on screen (using space gained from non-0-padded values)
  • Decide on better name/nickname - (like using) "OpenGauge"?

Attached: scribbled notes of the same thing I wrote above :P
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