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FWIW, I just saw this topic after I posted my feeble attempt at re-railing this Arduino project back into its Arduino roots... - not meaning to step on hard-working dcb's toes here, but I mean, come on, thousands if not hundreds of thousands more capable, productive, and eager people have Arduino platforms on their desks than have Atmel AVR "core" systems... and the current code (as well as all my mods to it) have worked and run just fine in the Arduino IDE... plus, my prebuilt MPGuino has been running on a stock Arduino bootloader ever since I applied my first "mod" to the MPGuino code (had to flash the bootloader first to get it to take the upload). It's just project-suicide to keep forcing it further and further away from the Arduino platform, which in my experience is perfectly rock-stable and very well standardized compared to free-wheeling and non-standard raw AVR code. Maybe you had a bad chip? I dunno, but I think the project would be much more active and accessible (as opposed to 1/2 a forum page of posts a month) if more people with Arduinos could contribute...
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