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Originally Posted by gtkid2002 View Post
Dude, I like the idea. If I could code, I'd try and help. So I'll just try and encourage.

If I could make a few suggestions though..

A built in tach (code it like the speedo, run a 5th wire?)
US/Metric cominations (for those of us that find Liters per 100km confusing, maybe just a code option (easily switchable))
And a (what is now) Current MPG Histograph. I saw somebody that modded theirs to do it, and it looked niiice.

The stock screen works, and there really isn't an easy way to get them hooked up on every-single car, so there's no getting around that.

I hope you're able to help push the mpguino onwards. It's a great idea, and a great concept, but I feel that there are still some bugs that need to be sqished with it, and they should try and use the 328 or maybe even the 1026 or 2056 for even moar upgradeablility.

To address those questions...
1) Tach and other features: well, that'll have to wait until this "v2" is actually written and stabilized... I plan on making the code more "flexible" than it is now, so these can more easily be added in the future. A tach, for example - heck, anything involving the phrase "maybe one more wire" - involves a huge change of structure and everything, so if it's do-able it'd optimally be done in software. We really don't want to have to tweak or "outdate" the hundreds (?) of prebuilt MPGuinos already out there
2) US/Metric: Definitely planning on doing that too. A lot of the current v1 functions are "double written", for both Metric and US measurements, but I highly doubt anyone thinks "gee, I feel like watching it in liters today". I think something can be done to make that more modular, like offering two "versions" of MPGuino if it comes to that, or waste a little unused Flash space on doubling-up the functions to cut down on execution and memory time. Or just add a "conversion" function. Something can be done there, for sure.
3) MPG histograph: ooh, that does sound shiny, I saw that too. Definitely something to look into implementing.
4) "the stock screen works" - Not sure what you mean here...? I'm referring to the user-interface of v1 being so terrible I had to tape a "display reference sheet" to my dash for the first few weeks of owning MPGuino... once I learned to hack it, I promptly re-arranged the screens in order of their application (instant, current, tank; big MPG, big MPH; EOC/Idle; CPU) just to make sense of it
5) 328/1026/2056: Well, whatever the current Arduino Uno (reference) platform is, that's what I plan on sticking with. I'm not even using barely half the capabilities of the 328 as it is, even with a realtime clock and "duck" screensaver animation, and a bunch of other gratuitous memory-wasters on my current v0.86 mod. I think we could very easily pull this off with current 328 hardware in the prebuilt MPGuino units. 168 users would have to upgrade, but they already knew that the moment Arduino Duemilanove (that is, "2009" - come on!) came out, but it's only a, what, $10 chip anyway? Hell, I'd offer those chips pre-flashed for anyone that wants 'em
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