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I didn't really mean anything by the whole screen thing in that it doesn't really need to be upgraded. The standard one its been using works just fince, no point in going to a graphical 128x64 LCD or anything. My plan back when I had a car that was even OBD (newest car I own is an '80, haha), was to use a Seeeduino Mega, the 128x64, and rig it up to be a Speedo, then a gas guage. Engine died and I scrapped the car, and it turns out you can't use Mpguino code on a Seeeduino mega. Won't work without tons of editing. I think I got two buttons to work, and that was it. No inputs or anything. But since it uses about half the space of a 328, I guess there's no need to overkill by THAT much, yet...

Woo! I have one of those workstation thingies too! Just instead of a screen there's a transformer, haha. Glad to know I'm not the only one with one. I still have to find the second workbook though..
I suck at coding! Woo!

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