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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
It was not a bad chip, it was bad process, conflicting mentalities (folks tend to peter out after the creative parts, leaving something of a mess), too much effort. Have fun. Please don't call it mpguino v2 though though because there is a "production" version that constantly gets confused in the discussions.

user: "My mpguino broke!"
me: "what is the problem"
user: "I tried a pic18f instead because it is a better chip"
me: "Doh!"
Understandable... sometimes you've just gotta smack a newb upside the head though. I've dealt with managing my own project (google FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD), and dealing with user error has always been a fun one... it's pretty easy though when you realize that for every 1 user that's complaining about some obvious user error, there are also about a hundred other people silently enjoying your work every day and thanking you for it in their heads Not saying I tell myself that or something (ooh, ego stroke! lol), just saying that's what I find for any small-group effort I find online. Just let the guy know they're working with an unsupported configuration, help the guy out if possible (e.g. "that's not supported, but duh, you plugged it in backwards"), and don't think too much of it!
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