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Thumbs up strip that motor down to its underwear....!!

Well,took me a little longer than i thought....!Ive posted the pictures on you can see it was being used as a hydraulic pump,and getting all that off was a real pain...the bottom housing was full of old hydraulic fluid.There not bad little motors actually...really clean on the inside,but saying that this was one of the better ones that,unlike some of them,had been partially protected from the elements by corrugated sheeting!!and when i say there are a few of them i mean a good few...possibly 16-17 good ones in good condition,maybe about another 21 that are just completely rusted away,literally crumbles away as you goto pick them up...!i may post a pic on here of where they are(just one of my regular salvage sites).These people are crazy to be chucking these...and don't worry...they definitely have been chucked as i know someone who works where they come from!im not going into it on here but the word insurance has relevance!!Aaaanyway...back to the matter at hand!im thinking of maybe connecting these longitudinally in two rows-6 in each row!!!!!told you to worry when im not sleep deprived but still sound loony!!!maybe it can't be done...maybe it can!but before i start thinking about machining,hmmm,what would it be...5 connections for each row.Im thinking of then running the 'turning bit'( useless aint i?)straight onto and into the bottom end of the 750bmw motorbike engine...that is to say attaching /connecting it to the crank shaft...obviously there'll be no cylinder head to the engine as what do i need with the pistons!nada!or i may just run it straight into the gearbox...i really dont know yet.ill have to have a look at the Bimmer engine,which is in bits anyway.My dad had split that engine. Unfortunately my dad passed away last June...boy,i could sure use his help now.He was good with electronics as well!o well,ill figure it out.My dad originally wanted to use the bmw engine for a trike.Hmmmm...maybe thats still on but without fossil fuels.
************************************************** ******** have you got your motors running....straight to the diff???You say you have no clutch or gearbox.See,i always thought that would cause problems....!!For me i have 3 embryonic projects.Think i explained in another post what they were....but im just wondering what can be done with these particular would be a shame to waste them!THEY MUST BE USED...*warren hears a brass band fanfare playing as he types that*....
i'm sure the bimmer 750 gearbox would handle this...i mean motorbikes are (all) torque (and no trousers) handlers anyway arent they....!even if i put just 6 motors longitudinally(how you harlequin put your 2 together)thats heres a question...and please everyone just bear with me cos this is all a learning curve for me(sometimes it scares me and i hug my welder for comfort) it important how many watts each motor is??and also the part that has the 24v-80a label on looks to me very similar to a starter motor(solenoid)????...what is it anyone???you get 2 stars if you get it right and a thumbs up!!also there are 200amp fuses with all this lot(Paul...any good for you??)....but my favourite bit on all this is the little red L.E.D...simple things please simple minds!!lol!
if my pics arent here then someone needs to help me learn how to....ta!
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