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Thanks for the replies guys! Thought I should clarify what I intend to do and some other details about the car. First off I am rolling on Michelin Destiny tires at 35psi. Great, great tire from Michelin and yes they do make a 175/70/13 it just doesn't list it on their website. Don't think I'll be jacking the air pressure above 40 but will do various tests to see what comes out the best.

The front and rear bumpers are both in need of being fitted flush again as one is being held on with some zip ties, but found a Honda forum with a great fixer for that.

I generally make a 200 mile road trip at least once or so a month to see my family so it will be nice to see the differences as they come along. My goal (clarified) is to hit 30-35 in the city and 40-45 on the highway, all while retaining my A/C and power steering. This of course is after more mods and probably correcting some highway speeds as I am thinking 60mph will be the sweet spot on this car. I expect the worse of the MPG to be in the city which is all I drive to and from work, as my job is less than 10 miles from my home and I don't get on the highway what so ever.

So JMac your average may be worse at the moment but wait until I post my all city fill ups, it is going to dip a bit (for now!).

And yes the manual is definitely the way to go on the older cars and maybe in the future I might consider swapping one in, which isn't beyond my capabilities, but just really want to see how far I can push it in the automatic especially as I don't see too many on here. Thanks for the advice guys, can't wait to see what she can do.
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