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heres the pics...the other pics were to large for upload!!sorry to you say itll be coupling them up.the devils always in the detail
The motors are made by Iskra.It has thermal protection as well.There was a thermosensor on the unit.Believe they are from 2kw-2.2kw-so maybe they arent any good for a car...but i build my own chassis,so maybe a little go-kart...i dnt know!!seems a waste to just let them go.But yes,they are in that range.Remember that these units have just been sitting in piles of crap for quite a while!!but it works cos iv put power through it.It jumped off the table!!!!Fenner are linked with these motors,(think they are licensed to manufacture them?) was worth a shot!shame really,cos put 6 of these longitudinally next to another,2 rows of 6 and i was thinking there'd be quite shifty for a little one seater cart?Just to get a feel for when i get bigger and bigger.O well.
Apologise for my ranting.Sorry.......theres the milk float picture in there as well to cheer you up!3 into1 doesnt go....yes it does.See how there've used pulleys and belts... apparently they had trouble with the belts slipping during the speed test.I would use chains and heavy duty sprockets.The chain would have to be able to handle the torque,but i have been looking at doubled chains and doubled sprockets from they list the amount of torque(nM) the chains can take.

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