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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
^That's not annoying; that's fun, free entertainment!
It's annoying!

Ever since i moved up to New York State, just outside of the city, i've noticed a majority of the drivers here drive like that. Don't they realize their temper tantrums behind the wheel is costing them more and more money every time they do it? Gas prices just hit $3.97/gal for regular here. Don't they care?

I know i care. It's not so much the money, honestly.... its the fact that i know most of our military operations and political interests are because of oil. Why do you think we are attacking Lybia? Sure, it's terrible that innocent people are being harassed, but we wouldn't be over there if Lybia was absent of oil beneath them.

Why do you think President Obama was in Brazil a week or so ago? They just discovered lots of oil offshore there.

It disgusts me. Instead of pursuing alternate forms of energy, an important part of Obama's campaign ("change"), we are still all over the world trying to get our straw into the foreign oil pool. It's not like we don't know how to make the switch to electric!!!!!
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