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Continuation from here about Merging morons.

Case in point this morning was Mr "Giffer" in a Suzuki Wagon R. OK its not sporty is it ?

But I think it can do more than 40 mph last time I looked.

I'm happily trundling along in the nearside lane on the Edinburgh bypass and Mr G wants to join. His speed matches mine but he is ahead so I lift off and enjoy 3-5 seconds of 2567MPG. Oh no, Mr G is also slowing. So I slow more and flash my lights.

Now this is where it gets complicated. Pretty much since God has worn short trousers (contraversial) flashing your lights in the UK meant "go on, I'll let you". However sometime in the 1990s someone at the AA decided to clarify that flashing your lights was a warning, aka "I am here. Caution". Now if they had just left this alone then everyone would have been happy.

Anyway Mr G sees my flashing and slowing and, er, slows. So I slow. He slows.

So I give up and leave him.
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