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In the UK budget today fuel duty was lowered 1p a litre (woo) and mileage for business was upped to 45p (40p before) double woo.

I did decide I finally needed to fill up (625 miles on my Fabia) tonight as the price had lowered and got stuck behind a really aggresively driven Focus on my way to Morrisons.

I arrive and find this Focus blocking the entry to the station because no pump is available for the RHS of her (yes its a woman) car. Mine also fills to the right but I pull past and use the "fill up both sides" pumps to, er, fill up. No fuss.

In the meantime of course she is sitting at idle, just on top of tanks containing loads of combustable fuel and on the mobile phone.

[I]So long and thanks for all the fish.[/I]
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