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We're pushing $1.40/L here at the moment, though by xmas that will probably be higher than $1.50, or even $1.60.

From my (very) rough estimates, my conversion will cost somewhere around 15k. It should take six years to recoup that cost on fuel savings alone, not taking loan interest into account. By that time the lithium batteries I'm planning on using will be getting on a bit. But by that time they ought to have come down in price, and should last longer, ect.

I figure that I should, at least, be no worse off (aside from range) than I am right now. And no worse off than someone who buys a new car every few years. Perpetual debt, but still cheaper than the current system. :P
Making do with a Honda Civic. Tesla Model 3 reserved. Still kinda want an SVX for fun, though.

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