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Hello Rik

I haven't updated this thread for a while but have been updating my fuel log as I fill up. I recently had a full service done (1400!!!) and found lots of problems, particularly with suspension, which had to be replaced. Luckily I had already bought a lowering kit - all good quality coil over shocks - from Belgium. That whole kit cost the equivalent of one set of VW spring/shock so at least I saved something. I also had the oil replaced with synthetic to reduce friction. It was always a good runner, being a fairly low mileage car, so I can't say that I've noticed a difference in the drive at all. While they were servicing I also asked them to replace the wing mirrors with aero DT Cup style mirrors to reduce drag.

The result is quite disappointing. I was regularly getting 60mpg (UK) at 60mph before the service and that figure has stayed the same. The only difference is that I can also now get 60mpg at 70mph, where before I was getting closer to 56mpg. So it looks like the aerodynamic performance has increased, but the economy has stayed the same. I'm a little confused by this.

To answer your question, at 70mph my rev counter says just under 3000rpm and I think at 60mph its about 2600, or close to it.

I'd be interested to hear your stories on running veg oil. This is something I definitely want to do - at least some cheaper alternative for diesel.

Please keep in touch as I'm sure we can work together to find some fuel saving tips for our cars.

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