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Finally decided to order one.

Cars been paid off for a few months now, and there's just no excuse not to get started making my car more fuel efficient. Plus today on my way to work, I started wondering if there is a more ideal MPH I could be going, fuel-wise. I know 60mph is better than 80mph, at least for trips in the mountains, but that's a given.

Also, my MPH gauge is apparently way off, like around 5 mph shy of what speed I'm actually going, according to those radars you see here and there that advertise your speed. Having an accurate MPH gauge is also a nice bonus.

It's sort of like having a weight scale at home. I lost 40 lbs (not just for fuel efficiency) since last summer, and what helped keep me going is checking my weight daily and seeing it gradually go down. This gauge works the same away, albeit, a bit more expensively up front.

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