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Both work well

I got my windows tinted (FormulaOne Pinnacle 35) and it makes a bunch of diffence on how much you have to touch the compressor button. I still use almost exclusively DFCO AC because with my city driving. The DFCO ops are very common, as timing events for long Neutral coasting is few and far between. I use recirc in traffic just to keep the exhaust gases at bay and retain dehumidied air inside.

After the tint install, I've been using the Drivers window down more as the heat load in the car is far lower. I can fix the FF at 1.00gph, and rolldown /rollup the window, and see no change in mpg running at 50mph, my favorite speed. 70% of my return trip in the afternoon are country roads with shade and scenery. I hit the Sirius Blues Channel, roll the window down and set the FF. I'm home before I'm ready to get there!

I had a best on my return trip home today, at ~75 OAT, and average IATs around 105, window down, 24.9 miles, average 47mph, at 49.5mpg. Summer gas and calming blues, I reckon.
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