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Cheers Steve,

My cars RPM \ mph figures are a little different.. not sure why
2600 RPM = 55 mph, 3000 RPM = 60 mph and just over 3200 RPM at 70 mph.
Bit odd and I'm sure doesn't help my fuel efficiency. Just wonder if at somepoint my car has had a replacement (mis matched) gearbox !!

Dont want to be a pain but would you be able to double check your reading as this does concern me a little.
I have a 100 mile trip tomorrow and i'll see what my mpg figures are, I suspect not so good.

Regarding Veg oil. Before I lost out to commercial collectors i was collecting waste used veg oil from pubs for free.
My Merc W124 300d merc loved the stuff straight. over 3yrs years and 40 k miles the engine still runs like a dream i will be gutted when i finish up the last of my 200 ltrs of oil

The old diesel mercs eg W123s and W124s were perfect for veg as they have a bullet proof fuel pump and are indirect injection - these cars will run unconverted with no engine mods at all. (got mine off ebay for 800)
Also some older Peugots and Citroens 1.9TD were good as they also has indirect injection (as long as they have the Bosch and not Lucas fuel pump)

More modern diesels like ours are direct injection and not so good - but can be converted to run on veg oil perfectly fine - needs a twin tank conversion and few other bits.. if i get a veg oil supply i will be doing this to the golf - kit cost approx 400 and a bit of technical know how.

The vegoil forum is a must read and a goldmine of info

Hope this helps a little

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