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[QUOTE=orange4boy;227802]I think I can see your first problem: Since when is 85 MPH cruising? I think the word you are looking for here is 'barreling'. Fuel consumption goes up exponentially with speed so keep it below 60 and you will probably see much higher MPG QUOTE]

Yea i understand that the cruise set at 85mph is a gas waster to some extent. But previous trips with cruise set at 69mph did not even get 2mpg better.

Maybe I would be willing to try a 60mph test for a short distance.................but 60mph up I-95 To Jacksonville, across I-10, up I-75 To Atlanta and across I-20 to Birmingham to my parents house, 600 miles, sounds like a painful trip not to mention the traffic problems and the hand jestures.

I'm not looking for 40mpg just upper 20's would be acceptable! Just not sure it can be done

I'm all for hypermiling and ways to improve driving styles, and i'm willing to change what i can. My main question is it even possible to have a van that gets close to 30mpg?

The old toyota Previa, or the old Honda Oddesy both had 4cyl motors. Are they able to do 30mpg? or are they just underpowered box cars?

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