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Smile 2 motors mounted one on top of the other in vw

hi all,
Came across this forum with (to me at least) some interesting ides/setup of how they have joined 2 motors(think 11" beasts)...!On the site they show the V dub pulling away and it burnt water on the floor etc-the torque was phenomenal.Im mega passionate about utilising two motors(or more),for speed,accelaration from stop to start and overall distance at 'sensible speeds' but with a little reserve to boost the speed/acceleration in the car when some yuppie spoilt rich kid goes past you in a porche laughing at your 'tree hugger car'...ive actually been called that by someone...tree hugger!Wan**rs!i love my planet cos its the only one we've got!thats why im here and appreciate Harlequin for opening this thread....maybe its got some future and the legs to run a good long thread with plenty of contributions.I'm more at the moment focusing on the chassis mock-up,but will definitely need help with the motor installation....which is why im subscribed to this not ashamed to admit my knowledge,experience and skill is very basic!So heres the pictures...some of you may already be familiar with this site/forum anyway.
P.S.Im also thinking of opening a thread regarding chassis mock ups,designs and fabrication-linked to all these other threads...then its all here in one complete package for people interested in making there EV's from scratch...lightweight chassis with high power.Thanks for listening(to my ramblings Harlequin by the way...LOL...apologies).
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