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So I got the first of my aluminum supports for the rear wheel fairings attached to the car tonight. It got dark before I could get the second side on though. Oh well, I have a little time tomorrow. So here's some lovely crappy pics.

Here's the horizontal support brace installed; it's pretty sturdy.

On the back side I've attached it with an "extruded U-clip" to the rear bumper.
In the front I basically attached it with a larger, stainless-steel version of your standard drywall anchor. I unknowingly chose to drill into the body where I can't get behind the sheet metal to get a nut on the bolt. So that's where the big drywall anchors come in.
After having it on the car, I've decided that I'm going to try to find a hinge to put on the front part of it tomorrow. A hinge will greatly facilitate tire removal if (when) I get a flat.

The only other thing I need is a much smaller bracket above the tire to hold up the top of the fairing.

So far, I have spent about $8 on the 1"x 1/8" aluminum bar stock and about $15 on various stainless steel hardware, that seems like a lot for hardware, but it is stainless steel, and I have changed my mind about fasteners about 3-4 times now...
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