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I know running at a higher voltage would be much better, but this is my 1st EV project, as still very new to things, so I just want to start low and work up.

Well I ending up buying the milk float for 200.00 today, and started stripping it down, after taking lots of pictures of all the wiring.

So far I have removed the following.

1x Electrofit Zapi Ltd High Frequency 48volt Controller.
1x Zapi S.P.A Foot Peddel Box.
1x Albright DC182B-256 48volt Contactor.
1x Albright SW181B-152 48volt Contactor.
1x Albright ED250B-1 Emergency Disconnect.

The motor is out but I can't find any plate with all the details so I will have to contact towrite to makes the milk float for more details.

I still have to remove all the batterys and power cables, but that will be done over the next week.

I would like to bench test the motor, can I test it with just a 12volt car battery, and how do I connect the motor?

As it is ment to be a series wound dc motor, for just testing is it a case of connecting battery (+) to A1, connecting A2 to D1, and then connecting D2 to the battery (-)?

Thanks again.
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