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BTW - anyone know how leaned out an petrol engine can go when mixed with syn-gas (70% CO 30%H2)? ... I'm thinking that Charcoal could used to make Water-gas off the exhaust heat (say, on an artic)?
You'd need a lot extra O2 to burn that mix (both for the H2 and the CO), so you're not leaning it out, but enriching it with fuel.
I was under the impression that adding syngas, in a similar way to adding H2 could extend the lean-burn limit (to beyond the 22:1 ratio) without the burn becoming unstable. That is, no more fuel overall is used compared with normal lean-burn operation, so there is still an excess of O2 at the end of the burn.

There is also evidence that having one of these gaseous fuels (H2, syngas, NG) in the burn will speed up the flame speed - so ensuring that a better portion of the mechanical work can be extracted by the piston, as well as keeping the exhaust valve cooler.
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