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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
The current sensor boards arrived yesterday or thursday I think, and I got all the boards and what nots all shipped out yesterday USPS priority. Well, Sabrina did. haha. ya! I got one current sensor board soldered and attached to the first of 4 1000amp controllers. It's basically done, other than an enclosure. I need to test it, but it's been finals week, and I have no time whatsoever! I'll be gone next week, but I'll get those dang things done a lot quicker now that I know how it all fits together. It takes forever when you are making it up as you go and trying different things.
oh boy! this means my boards are gonna be on the way soon i shall have to get my other components ordered right away... lookin forward to soldering them together!

*edit* Got all of the components ordered for the control board and the driver board. only place i was able to find 1000V ultra-fast diodes was on-semiconductors, and they have a minimum order of something like 5000. but i requested a free sample, so i should have about six extras if anyone is needing them. this is for the igbt driver board.

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