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So, first off, I'd like to amend my initial "goals" section.

I've decided that I probably won't be converting Harold to an EV. I just don't know what my driving needs will be in the future, and for any foreseeable EV-type range I'd rather just ride my bike.

So, since I probably wont be keeping this car long-term (and it's not worth much anyway) more "permanent" changes are quite acceptable.

So that brings us to today's installment: Airdam Mania!

I've had a crappy cardboard/white-duct-tape grill block on the car for a while now. It's been great, but I decided to make a more permanent combination of grill-block and airdam.

Sure, this will increase the CdA of my car, but it will also take care of two (or three) nasty areas of aerodynamic drag, thereby decreasing my Cd.

Alright, here's a pic of good ol' Harold with the temporary grill block:

I went ahead and cut a 82" x 17" strip out of my ABS sheet and grabbed a screwdriver and a few self-tapping screws. Here's what I came up with.

I've got a bit of driving to do this weekend for work, so I'll have to see how this new airdam effects my speed on a few "calibrated" hills on my drive.
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