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Originally Posted by mora View Post
Are t-max-rc and t-min-rc auto-adjusting? I thought I'd check my potbox range from controller but RTD explorer showed me same values I was going to input. Pot is definitely not full 0-5k ohm, but something like 4.7k ohm.
The t-max-rc and t-min-rc serial port commands set the internal variables


They are in raw A/D converter units, where the range is 0..1023 corresponding to 0-5V.

Note that Cougar uses a 5V-0V throttle, where a 5V (A/D reading of 1023) is "foot off the pedal" and 0V is "go very fast". That's less common than a 0-5V throttle, but not unique.

These settings are not auto-adjusting. The user must manually set the values, test them out and explicitly write them to the EEPROM.

It would only be a little more code to make them auto-adjusting, but that might not be code that should be written. If some part of the throttle circuit is slowly degrading, you want someone to check it out rather than hiding it with automatic compensation.

That's a bit different than having a setup and calibrate mode, where the throttle range is detected once and written. That would be useful.
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