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Hi and happy to ear from you (auto. Vibe owner).
Thanks for you input about acetone and things !
Frankly, i didn't know it was that hard to get the Vibe (autom.) much more fuel efficient, i would have made all i could to convince my wife to learn manual if i knew it.
By the way she was quite unhappy when she saw the roof rack remove the other day but it's ok finally, my father n mother laugh at me too but it's ok too, it's not that i spend alot of money on gaz i'm doing that, it's just that i can't understand and accept that a so small car and engine like this is not much more FE mainly in town, my heavy 210hp 2003 Jetta 1.8T (manual) was better in town, on highway it was about the same but i do it mainly as a game because we use about one tank a month with 90% in city driving.
ScanGauge is a great device, i think it should be standard equipment on all cars.
For your mods, if you want a great n easy one, it's the upper grill block, the two grills can be unpoped by the inside very easily and what i did is to install a double sided tape all around them and i used some window insulating plastic film (the one you can shrink with hair dryer) and you just pop it back in n that's it, but the lower part grills and fog ereas in the other hand seems quite difficult to get flush blocked.
Good luck and see you later.

Thank you for your input about the Protium Optimizer, i hope it will help for FE because i ordered it a week ago and they said there's about 4 weeks delay before they ship the device. I'm quite desperate to see that it's so difficult to get my city FE much higher with my autom. transm. that's why i decided to try the Protium.
Where i work, two guys told me they had great result with the "Tornado" or "Vortex" device, you know the one you put in your air filter piping ? One guy said about 5mpg(imp) beter on a V6 Escape and the other one said a few mpg on his GMC V8, i said to myself wtf could this be true! (???).
Also have you heard about the TunerPro before at
it's a free, donate-if-you-like-it tuning platform aimed at making tuning easier and cheaper for DIYers, when i found this page i said maybe some hypermillers are using or could use this to modify or enhance the engine parameters (fuel map, advance ...) in the ECU, it's quite technical but maybe it's not that difficult to learn.
I would like to thank you btw for all the advices and tricks you give to all of us on the WWW about FE. and congrat. for your great FE results.
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