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So carrying on with the conversion.

I am going to try and strip as much as I can from the engine block. I want to make it as light and as small as possible to make removal as easy as possible. There are many aluminum parts as well and I figure I can get more from metal recycler if it is separated.

I drained the coolant, removed the rad and rad fan. I removed the exhuast manifold. I am starting to take the head off. I took the valve cover and vavles off. I almost got the head off, just a few more bolts.

After some consideration. I have decieded to remove the engine and transaxle in one piece. I posed this question on EVDL, and it was suggested to do it this way. I originally thought I would remove only the motor and leave the transaxle in, just so I would have less work to do. The reasoning is you can bolt the electric motor to the transaxle on the work bench and test it first. It will also be easier to do it on a bench. Now my problem is I have to clean off my tiny workbench.

On another note, my wife, who agrees with the idea of having an electric car, has already yelled out the front door "GET AWAY FROM THAT STUPID CAR" It's going to be a long, hard conversion!

Any advice is appreciated


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