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Jumping in, 92 Civic CX with DX swap.

I had been searching for quite sometime for a clean Civic HX or VX to no avail. Most were overpriced, swapped, or otherwise beat to death. I opened my search to the anemic CX as a potential VX or HX engine swap candidate but still nothing out there.

Until last week, when on my day off I decided to check the Raleigh area Craiglist one more time. I had already been denied another HX in Maryland that sold in two days. This beauty popped up and I called the place, told them to hold it, and I would be right there.

I couldn't get there fast enough!!! 104,000 miles, theft recovered CX, with a recent maaco (aka: crappy and oversprayed) paint job. Interior is clean, no tears in the pleather, and nice and black. Just missing a few things like the ash tray and the trim piece around the cd player. I popped the hood and noticed a DX engine inside. A free 30 horsepower upgrade. I'm thinking it has been mated to the stock CX trans which should maintain the good gas mileage because the gearing is dog slow. I will write the trans code down and do more research on it. The tires are matching 09 year as well as the battery. The air intake tube is a CX tube poorly stuck on the larger DX throttle body. Will need to source something better than that. A straight metal tube would be ideal.

Overall, clean and straight.

So far I have removed the lock cylinder and moved the tumblers around to get the key to work in the driver's door. I also added my leftover Integra type R strut bar. Nothing gets rid of rattles and makes a civic feel tighter than that little mod. I've had one on every honda/acura I have owned. Also, aimed the headlights a little better and filled up the tank. At 200 miles at the halfway mark currently. Hoping for 45 mpg but we shall see.

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