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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
How much do high pressure air tanks weigh, I wonder? And, if they fail, they will explode -- they don't fail gracefully.
Not really, the local guys blew out an acetylene tank, it made a lot of noise and was a fire hazard but didn't do much else (it got wheeled outside), air tanks are usually designed similarly and they aren't "that" heavy at least in comparison to a semi, especially if they were sized mainly to start the semi and add boost initially.

The pressure from a semi motor certainly wouldn't get into the massively dangerous PSI area maybe 270psi at most which is less than spectacular if it went. Could easily be designed with shell and relief to keep it safe, not to mention an onboard tank like that could be used to suppliment air brakes, AC, onboard air tools LoL

Oh and did I mention most semis already have 120psi air tanks onboard anyway? Afterall how do they release the parking brake?
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