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Well I have finished all the changes and updates to the rev2 design show above. I did the layout and ordered the boards on Tuesday. They should be here some time next week! Im so excited. This rev3 version is a totally different layout then the rev2 one. Im really pushing the free version of eagle to the max. In rev 3 I changed how the encoder is interfaced to the AVR, I changed the encoder for the knob interface and replaced the 7805 regulator with a switching regulator circuit which increases efficiency and input voltage range for the logic. I also added hardware over current protection to the PWM output section which should help contain any mishaps. The serial connection has been fully implemented onboard using an FTDI FT232Rl converter chip. This is a virtual com port chip which will be easier to connect to modern computers. That is, if you are not wanting to use the web interface over the ethernet. Other then those, there has only been small changes. Some different parts where I was unhappy with the results of the others.

Here is a screen shot of the board now.
Rev3 Layout by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

And the rev3 schematic.
rev3 Schematic by AdamBrunette, on Flickr

Im sorry to those that dont like surface mount, but there was no way I was fitting all this on a board in through hole. lol. Hopwever, I do plan to offer front panel controllers fully assembled and tested to those interested.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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